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    Jeff Welsh

    Received my EyeX a couple days ago. Works fine with Intro app, and DayZ. Gaze works perfect too. Running v2.0.2.2209(latest)

    I’m trying to make it work with DCS World (1.5.2) and also Windows Hello. Is there any additional configuration that needs to be done in order for DCS to work? I don’t believe I’m seeing output from vJoy monitor that would represent anything relating to my eye movement. Is there a view “mode” I need to switch to within DCS?

    As for Windows Hello, I see the option for Face recognition, although upon entering my pin I get an error “Sorry something went wrong. Couldn’t turn on the camera, make sure it’s working properly”. I do see the center LED lit on the EyeX with when that error is on the screen. It turns off and the typical 3 LED lights are on after I click close on that error window.

    Any ideas? Should I see output on vJoy Monitor when my eye’s are moving?


    I have the exact same issue with Windows Hello, the same error message and only the center LED is lit as described above.


    for windows Hello try this:
    Start menu-> type “Webcam privacy settings” -> Camera and on let apps use my camera
    or Settings -> Privacy -> Camera and on let apps use my camera.


    Hey, that worked. Thanks… good find.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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