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    Deepak Akkil

    Hello members,
    I just received my EyeX controller and seems to have run a problem.
    I am able to calibrate the tracker and check calibration from the EyeX engine settings and also run the Tobii Showcase demos. But I cannot run the .NET Samples that came with the SDK. There are no errors or exceptions thrown.

    The console output says:
    The connection state is now TryingToConnect.
    The connection state is now Connected.

    Nothing happens after that and even the red infrared light does not turn on. I have not modified the samples code.

    The exact same problem is also mentioned here :

    But I am using the latest version of Engine 0.8.17 and SDK samples version 0.23.325 on a windows 7 PC. Any idea what is going wrong?

    Deepak Akkil

    EDIT: Links does not seem to work.
    The link to the previous post about the same problem :

    EyeX Samples for .NET not working


    Hi Deepak,
    the SDK 0.23 should work fine with Engine 0.8.17. And since you get to the “Connected” state we know that the engine is running and seems to be working. It’s also clear that the eye tracker device is working.

    One possible cause is that eye tracking is disabled: please check the setting on the EyeX tray icon.

    Deepak Akkil

    Thanks Anders.
    That helped. I had forgot to enable the tracker from tray and It seems it comes disabled by default. Now it works well 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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