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Tobii Developer Zone provides a meeting place for a community centered around developing cool interactive experiences based on eye tracking technology. Download SDK packages and tools, find the documentation you need, discuss development topics, learn how to migrate from older SDKs, or request new features. We believe that it all happens with your participation, and we are here to help you in any way along the ride.

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Recent updates

  • Tobii Eye Tracking Core Software 2.6.1 released

    We are happy to announce that we are now releasing a new version of the Tobii Eye Tracking Core Software focusing on stability¬†and bug fixes. Notable features and changes in this release are: Updated firmware for IS4. Configuration improvements. Improved handling of tracker connectivity. Improved handling of firmware updates. Improved multi-display handling. Stability improvements. Troubleshooting […]

  • Tobii Eye Tracking Core Software 2.5.0 released (with new Interaction Engine)

    We are excited to bring you a new version of our Eye Tracking Core Software introducing support for head tracking in our IS4 trackers! Notable features and changes in this release are: Head tracking Infinite Screen 2.0 with head tracking support Configuration improvements YouTube 360 BETA Multi-tracker management (only one tracker will be active) Updated […]

  • Tobii Eye Tracking Core 2.4.1 (with Tobii Interaction Engine 1.15.0)

    Today we announce an updated version of Tobii Eye Tracking including support for our new IS4 peripheral. We recommend all customers to update to the new release. This is especially true for customers with IS4 development kits, since the new firmware included contains numerous improvements. New features: New IS4 firmware 1.10.0. Tobii Software installer is […]

  • Tobii EyeX 2.1.1 (with Tobii Interaction Engine 1.9.4)

    We are happy to announce an updated version of Tobii EyeX today. This release is a maintenance release and does not have any API changes in EyeX Interaction Engine. The main feature for the release is the new firmware for Tobii IS4 (for developers/integrators participating in our Early Access Program) with many improvements, along with […]


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