This page provides an overview of articles, tutorials, and other resources.

Tobii EyeX is a complete eye tracking solution that includes both hardware and software to create natural human-computer interactions using a combination of eye-gaze and other user input.

Getting started

These articles are recommended reading for anyone who wants to get started with developing eye-gaze enabled applications.

Using the Tobii EyeX SDK

These articles describe the EyeX SDK and the EyeX Engine and how to use them for creating eye-gaze enabled applications.

Developer’s guides

Tobii EyeTracking SDK for Unity 5 – BETA (PC Only, not VR compatible)

Please, try out our new Tobii EyeTracking SDK for Unity 5! It is still in Beta but should work well as far as we have tested it. Let us know if you find any issues, or have some other feedback, by posting in the forums.

Note: This SDK for Unity is not prepared for VR support. A different dev kit with VR support for Unity is in the making.

Tobii EyeX Plugin for UE4

The developer’s guide for the Tobii EyeX Plugin for Unreal Engine 4 is available on our GitHub page.

Tobii EyeX SDK 1.7

There are several EyeX SDK packages to choose from, each targeted at a specific development environment. Each package includes a comprehensive developer’s guide. The same guides can also be downloaded using the links below.

Tobii eye trackers

Technical information about Tobii’s eye trackers.

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  1. Hi,
    How exactly work, looks the “projection pattern” from the microprojector. What does it mean pattern on eye? Is it some matrix or some predefined pattern or just light without any pattern specification?

    For EyeX Controller.

    Thanx Martin

  2. Hello, please is there API reference available? I am blind probably 🙂

    I see tutorials and samples, however I am missing full API reference (typical list of classes, structures, members…) – it is possible to look everything up in headers, but normal web docs would be way easier.

    • Hi Stepan,

      No, you are unfortunately right. There is currently no API reference available online. We are very aware that this is desirable to have. For a number of reasons we have not been able to provide one yet, and there is no time estimate as to when we would be able to do so. So, for now, headers, the developer guides and the samples is what is available. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

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