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    Cody Barnes

    I could use some help with connecting to a Dynavox such as the I-12 or I-15. I’m using the Tobii Core SDK (Tobii.Interaction) version 0.7.3 in a WPF C# application. The user of my software has a Dynavox I-12 with firmware 1.2.4 and Gaze Interaction software I am able to connect to a 4C without issue. The Host.EyeXAvailability property is “Running” on the system with the 4C, but is “NotAvailable” on the Dynavox.

    This thread seems to indicate that it is possible to use the Core SDK. Does the EyeX Engine need to be installed on the Dynavox? If so, is there any concern that it will conflict with the Gaze Interaction software used on the I-12?

    public void Initialize()
            Log.Info(this, "Tobii environment initializing.");
            _environment = Environment.Initialize(LogWriter);
            _host = new Host();
            Log.Info(this, $"Tobii EyeX Availability: [{Host.EyeXAvailability}]");
            Log.Info(this, $"Tobii host connection state: [{_host.Context.ConnectionState}]");
            _host.Context.ConnectionStateChanged += (sender, args) => Log.Info(this, $"Tobii host connection state changed: [{args.State}]");
            _deviceStatusObserver = _host.States.CreateEyeTrackingDeviceStatusObserver();
            _deviceStatusObserver.WhenChanged(value => Log.Info(this, $"Tobii device status changed: [{value}]."));
            _userPresenceObserver = _host.States.CreateUserPresenceObserver();
            _userPresenceObserver.WhenChanged(value => Log.Info(this, $"Tobii user presence detection changed: [{value}]."));
            _interactorAgent = _host.InitializeWpfAgent();

    The log shows:

    Tobii environment initializing
    Tobii: Environment – EyeX client environment created: 1
    Tobii: Environment – Initialized EyeX client environment: 1
    Tobii: Context_1.TransportLayer – Connecting…
    Tobii EyeX Availability: [NotAvailable]
    Tobii host connection state: [TryingToConnect]

    Connection state never changes.

    Cody Barnes

    Hello? Anybody here?

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @generalfault, apologies for the delay in response, We have not forgotten about you!
    Your user case is somewhat unique so I am trying to find the best solution for your needs.

    Certainly, you will need installed the EyeX Engine (Tobii Interaction SW) to run the Core SDK in conjunction
    with any eye tracker which is where an issue arises.

    You correctly raised the possibility of a problem with conflict with the Gaze Interaction software used on the I-12.
    The TGIS, which is based on the now deprecated Gaze SDK, will have separate handling of configuration and calibration.

    Core SDK will require the TETC to installed and that requires a separate configuration and calibration to run, and by default the configuration will not be correct (assumes eye tracker right under screen). Depending of what configuration program runs last the result will differ. Accordinly we don’t recommend this combination.

    Please bear with us whilst we try to find a better alternative for you.

    Cody Barnes

    Hi Grant,
    Thank you very much for your reply! I will be patiently waiting for more information. If it comes to it, the gaze interaction in my software is modular. So It probably wouldn’t be too difficult to use the Gaze SDK if it is available.

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @generalfault, thanks for your patience.

    So, unfortunately the decision was made a while ago not to prioritise the development of future firmware for the I-12 series that would support the new Tobii Core SDK. Instead focus has been on delivering the next generation of I Series trackers which naturally will indeed work in conjunction with the Tobii Core SDK.

    Therefore, should you intend on developing exclusively for the I-12 platform, you would need to work with the deprecated Gaze SDK or assistive TEC SDK, both of which are no longer serviced or supported.

    Accordingly, given you have already a 4C tracker, I would suggest you continue your efforts in development using the Core SDK using the 4C with the objective of I-series compatibility further down the line.

    That being said, as I am unsure of the exact intentions you have in this project, perhaps this solution may not be appropriate for you. This being the case, please let us know and we will see if a possible solution can be found involving the older software, although this is not a recommend route. Apologies for any miscommunication previously with respect to camera compatibilities, however business level decisions were made that altered this paradigm. Thanks for your understanding.

    Cody Barnes

    Hi Grant,
    As a developer I have a 4C, and a few users have 4C’s. However many if not most of my admittedly small user base has the I12 and I15 devices. I would like to try to add the Gaze SDK, even if it comes with the agreement that no support can be provided.
    Understood about how business can affect development plans. I hope that this thread will help anyone else following this path avoid any misunderstanding about compatibility.

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @generalfault, If you could kindly PM directly and include your email address, I will liaise with the developers to investigate the options we have in supplying to you the deprecated Gaze SDK. Thanks.

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