Getting started with Tobii PC Eye tracker

Here you find some basic information how to get started.

Mount the eye tracker

How to mount the eye tracker

How eye tracking works

Read more about how eye tracking works

The product sheet for your eye tracker define the working distance and trackbox (how much you can move your head in front of the eye tracker).

Calibration of the eye tracker

In order for the eye tracker to give you accurate and precise gaze point and eye position data, the eye tracker must know more about your eyes. This is why you need to do a calibration. During the calibration the eye tracker measures how your eyes reflect light. The calibration is done by following a point, video or other graphic element that moves across the screen. This calibration data is then combined with our unique 3D model of a human eye, and together they give you an optimal eye tracking experience.

Calibration is not needed for the Head position data streams.