The SteelSeries Sentry eye tracker was launched in January 2015 as a tool for streamers and professional gamers. For streamers, it gives the viewers a richer experience by showing them where the streamer is looking in real time. And professional gamers can use it as a training tool together with the Sentry Game Analyzer software. […]

The EyeX Controller

This post gives some guidelines on how the Tobii eye trackers should be mounted for good tracking performance. The user’s eyes must be within the track box. The track box is the volume in which the eye tracker is theoretically able to track the user’s eyes. The user may move her head freely and still […]

The Tobii Gaze SDK version 4.0.2 and the companion .NET SDK version 2.0.2 are now available for download. The new version solves a compatibility issue with the EyeX Controller and includes a new code sample demonstrating how to calibrate the eye tracker. The new calibration sample is written using the wxWidgets cross-platform GUI library, and […]

Tobii EyeX is a complete eye tracking solution that includes both hardware and software to create the Tobii Eye Experience: natural human-computer interactions using a combination of eye-gaze and other user input. The Tobii EyeX Controller is an eye tracking device that uses near-infrared light to track the eye movements and gaze point of a […]