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    Gonzalez Jonas

    Hello i’m a young student in computer science in internship and i have to develop an application with Tobii eyes tracker. What i need from the eye tracker is only the gaze point data in order to make some treatment on it. So after reading your doc i was wondering what will be the best Tobii sdk for mi case to use.

    PS : Sorry for the orthography and the faults that i may have done.

    Patrik [Tobii]


    I advice you to use the EyeX SDK.

    You will notice that it’s much easier to get started with the EyeX SDK, and the SDK takes care of a lot of things that you normally would have to do yourself.

    Best regards

    Sebastian Rauhala

    Hi Jonas!

    You should also know that not all of Tobii’s eye trackers are compatible with EyeX SDK, depending on whether they use ip or usb protocol. See respons http://developer.tobii.com/community/forums/topic/tobii-eyex-engine-compatible-devices/#post-2171

    I ended up using the Gaze SDK, and it have worked fine for the most. But if you can choose EyeX, you pretty much get calibration and gaze data filtering for free.

    Gonzalez Jonas

    Hi thanks for the fast answer i choose the EyeX SDK it’s the more appropriate for mi case and is very intuitive.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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