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    Masta Lomaster

    bkb is a program to control keyboard/mouse with eyes for Windows7 (and 8/8.1 with limitations).

    It supports EyeX and REX eye trackers, The Eye Trybe eye tracker, and any device that can move a mouse cursor (e.g. an airmouse).

    Download the bkb32c-English.zip file bu clicking the “View Raw” link on the page https://github.com/MastaLomaster/bkb/blob/master/exe/bkb32c-English.zip
    Then unzip the bkb32c-English.zip to any folder. Make sure that this folder remains the working directory of the program. Otherwise the program won’t load messages.bkb and keyboard.bkb files, and you’ll get Russian interface instead of English one.
    To run the program you also need Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4. It can be downloaded here:

    If it is not installed, you’ll get the error message complaining that the file “msvcrt110.dll” cannot be found.

    You also need the “TobiiGazeCore32.dll” file from the Tobii Gaze SDK 4.0 to be copied to the working directory of the program. By the way, I found it in my “C:\Program Files (x86)\Tobii\Tobii EyeX” directory after installing the “Tobii Eye Experience”. Alternatively, Gaze SDK 4.0 can be downloaded from: http://developer.tobii.com/downloads/ (registration required). Look for the “TobiiGazeSdk-CApi-4.0.X.XXX-Win32” file, where X-current release numbers.
    Before starting the program, visit Windows Control Panel, run the “Tobii EyeX Settings (32 bit)” program, and calibrate the device.

    Keyboard click sounds
    There is a click sound when you press the keyboard buttons. If you don’t like the sound, place a WAV-file with the desired sound into the working directory of the program and name it “click.wav”.

    Basic work principles
    After program started and a supported device is selected, you may see the toolbar on the right side. If you use an eye tracker, the transparent window with the cursor will be shown, it will follow your eyes movements. When using an [air]mouse, the regular cursor is used. To select a tool fixate your eyes on the tool button.
    Take a look at these videos to understand the modes of operation:

    (in Russian with English subtitles)

    Known issues

    • no easy way to exit the program. One have to close windows in the task bar
    • doesn’t work with fullscreen applacations so far
    • doesn’t work with the Metro-style interface of Windows 8/8.1, you have to use good old desktop
    • drag-and-drop doesn’t work in some cases, for example you cannot move desktop icons on some PCs
    • windows moved and doesn’t work properly after try to logout/switch user

    Translate to other languages
    One can easily translate the User Interface and modify a keyboard. Just edit the “messages.bkb” and “keyboard.bkb” files. These are text unicode files. But (!) the file format and contents can be changed in future!!!

    Compiling the source codes
    As for now, you have to use Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 (latest update preferred). This is due to the fact that the libraries used (from the Tobii Gaze SDK 4.0) are compiled the same way.
    In the project properties enable unicode support
    Include directories must contain the “include” one from the Tobii Gaze SDK 4.0. Gaze SDK 4.0 can be downloaded from: http://developer.tobii.com/downloads/ (registration required). Look for the “TobiiGazeSdk-CApi-4.0.X.XXX-Win32” file, where X-current release numbers.
    No Tobii Gaze SDK libraries needed during the compilation/build.
    You need just standard Windows libraries: Ws2_32.lib, winmm.lib,Msimg32.lib
    The project must be linked dynamically to the MSVCRT110.dll, if you link statically, this will be in conflict with the Tobii Gaze SDK libraries used!


    Great Job!

    I have been testing your project and looks good. Its a great solution, since Tobbi Eyex Control doesn’t support Windows Control software (for Windows emulation).

    Have you been continuing problem solving and adding new improvements?

    Best regards.

    Masta Lomaster

    Hi! Thank you.

    I am about to do some modifications soon, as the program has usability issues if the gaze tracking is unstable (e.g. strong glasses). It should include larger buttons, keyboard magnifying, smoothing control, better fixation visualisation and probably some more things.

    Please check in a couple weeks.

    Masta Lomaster

    New build (revision D) includes larger toolbar buttons, keyboard magnifying, progress bar on toolbar, more settings.

    Masta Lomaster

    Video in Russian about the person with the ALS who uses the bkb program: https://youtu.be/mMw2o6O0jRk

    Masta Lomaster

    Grid mode has been added (mostly for kids)


    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @masta-lomaster, thank you for providing us with an update! Hopefully this will be of use to other interested users 🙂

    Masta Lomaster

    Motorized wheelchair control mode:

    Masta Lomaster

    RC model control (using motorized wheelchair control mode):

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