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    Jordi Espada

    Hi there,

    My name’s Jordi and I’ve developed with tobii eyetrackers since 2014 in most part for analytical tasks. I’ve worked with X2-20, X3-120 so they were developed using Tobii Pro SDK. Now, we have to develop an application using 4C without license and because of that we have to use the Tobii Stream Engine for consumer (aka TobiiCoreSDK).

    I can complain with two things:

    1. I was spend a whole day to trying figure out why the application was crashing using the TobiiCoreSDK, and the culprit was a dll from TobiiPro SDK that there’s a runtime library called tobii_stream_engine.dll as well as it can be found in TobiiCoreSDK either. I had to change the dll and internal links to tobii_consumer_stream_engine.dll by my own to get it work. I recommend that on distribuitable dll, do not put same name as others if the funcionallity or limitation of use is diferent. As I said, I have to work with both SDK (TobiiPro and TobiiCore) so I have to have the right dll for each SDK without conflicts.

    2. It was difficult to get the CoreSDK c++ run times libraries from this site. A lot of links it redirects you to a page saying,

    Four ‘Oh! Four!
    The page you’ve requested could not be found or it was already removed in the database. Another thing, probably caused by an outdated link in search engines. If you believe that this is an error, please kindly contact us. Thank you!

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @jespa007, thank you very much for your useful feedback.

    We do not recommend or support using both the Pro SDK and Core SDK simultaneously as they have quite different intentions and are produced from distinct business units so interoperability cannot be guaranteed. That being said, I will pass along your feedback to the developers for consideration.

    We always try to redirect customers to get the Core SDK Dll via the Nuget Package manager to ensure the latest version updates can be easily applied and used. That being said, you are free to first download via Nuget into the Project directory, and copy the relevant DLL manually should you wish.

    Should you wish to add any further information, it would be gratefully received! Best wishes.

    Jordi Espada

    Hi Grant [Tobii],

    Thanks for your response!

    In our case we have a c++ engine so (as far as I know) Nuget Package you mention is only available in .NET (c#).

    Not just me, but I think many companies can use both business types (Core and Pro SDK versions) depending on the type of client. In our case we use TobiiPro to develop a visual tasks that gathers data from the eyetracker and then generates an assessment report for clinicians, usign the X2-30. And now we are gonna to develop a training application that only requires a mouse behaviour and low budget, so Core SDK it fits exactly what we want.

    Kind regards,

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @jespa007, okay thanks for the clarification. You should be able to download the DLL for the Stream Engine API directly on the download section @ https://developer.tobii.com/consumer-eye-trackers/stream-engine/getting-started/
    “Download Stream Engine for Consumer Eye Trackers”. This Link was still working as of this post with the relevant DLL’s inclued in the ZIP file.

    Certainly, I will pass along your input regarding Pro and Core SDK interoperability to our development team for review. Please do let us know if we can provide any further information for your needs. Best Wishes.

    Jordi Espada

    Hi Grant[Tobii],

    Thanks for the links. It seems the links from developer zone are not broken now :-).

    About, the interoperability its a matter generate a different dll with different names.

    From my part there’s nothing else for now.

    Thanks for your support.

    Kind Regards,

    Grant [Tobii]

    Okay, great! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch again should you require any further help. Best wishes.

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