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    So i’ve asked about a discussion about enumerating mouse in this forum using tobii.stream engine before but i’m trying to do a mouse click based on the gaze data when they stay at a spot for a bit longer to automate a click and before the mouse movement do a Smooth pursuit calibration, but when i’m trying to use the gaze data the result will always be 0, some help on it?


    So i’ve seen that custom calibration needed a specialized license and i’m thinking of using the conventional calibration that tobii provides with the fixation methods, is there a method to summon that calibration in the code, seem to not found it. I’m using C#.

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @hansanugrah, whilst we do not provide a call to calibration programmatically you can run the shell command from within your script using the syntax

    "c:\Program Files (x86)\Tobii\Tobii Configuration\Tobii.Configuration.exe" -Q

    Hopefully this is what you are looking for, let us know how you get on. Best Wishes.


    Okay maybe i can work with that, thank you for the help.

    Grant [Tobii]

    My pleasure!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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