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    Is there a way to enable the eyex to send data to the vjoy. There is no way I could see that you would be able to support every game out there. I was able to trick the system by running elite in the background and use the vjoy input in another game but this is cumbersome and wastes system resources.


    Niels Huylebroeck

    This sounds logical, why not allow users to simply add executables themselves and link appropriate settings to them ?
    The only difficulty i can see is being able to bind them in the game.

    How about a small window that pops up the first time you launch a new title (or via a button in Infinite Screen) which allows controlling the vJoy device manually.

    Some options to pause the data from EyeX to the vJoy device, and 4 buttons to force full vJoy deflection up/down left/right.
    Create the window with the always on top attribute and it should stay on top nicely.


    Looks like this no longer works infinite screen stops data when target app in not the focused application.


    I second this, something along the lines of a “generic” profile that just sends tracking data to vjoy without any required application running.

    Ben Johnson

    I agree this is really dumb not to be able to utilize the vjoy input for other games as well as opentrack to simulate trackir etc. I have used head trackers before this and they all utilized this option. Honestly i thought when i ordered this eyex that since it installed a vjoy that it would work the same way for generic usage. Very dissapointed that they have locked out the inputs.

    Alex [Tobii]


    We are investigating possibilities to bring in this feature. Stay tuned 😉

    If you have requests for any specific new games for Infinite Screen feel free to share them here.


    My requests are this Games:

    -Live for Speed
    -Project Cars
    -Assetto Corsa

    A wonderful feature would be steering a Car in Racinggames by look left and right and “Accelerate and Braking” by look up and down. I hope this is implementable. Sorry for my Bad English. 🙂

    David Smith

    I bought the EyeX thinking this functionality would be available to use out of the box and since I’ve stopped playing Elite, I am very disappointed to find out that this ability isn’t available for when I play Assetto Corsa, the ability for a generic vjoy profile is very much needed in my opinion to allow users to add support for any game they feel the EyeX might be useful.

    As it stands I can’t recommend the EyeX to others based on the limited range of games it’s usable with.

    Michael Buschmann

    I honestly can’t believe that this isn’t already implemented.
    I’ll admit that I’m disappointed. I had high hopes for this device when I purchased it, but I should’ve done more research.
    I thought for sure that there’d be a work around for games not expressly supported, a generic joystick or mouse control, and that the supported games would simply be easier to get running or have more features…
    C’mon Tobii, get with the program!

    Games I’d like to use EyeX with:
    1. Generic control allows for infinite possibilities… but if I must specify then…
    2. Star Citizen
    3. War Thunder

    Honestly, I will currently advise against this device in youtube videos and reddit posts whenever this is in the conversation.


    Today I received my eyex and I was really shocked to see there is no ability to enable generic virtual joystick feature. I don’t want to sound mean but I don’t understand how selling a fully functional, non-dev kit product does not equals supplying a generic virtual joystick as part of the software.

    And star citizen please. this is a must.

    Realy hope to hear from you soon because right now this device for me is useless.

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi Guys (@spacecutlet, @outonalimb76)

    For a truly optimal experience, we need game developers work with us to ensure the eye tracking equipment is used ideally within the games. However, we are aware of the desire for people to use any game ‘out of the box’.

    Whilst we are investigating ways to make this feasible, in the meantime you may be interested to check out 3rd party tools such as Project IRIS (http://iris.xcessity.at/) which may allow you to control some non-supported games.


    Well first IRIS is not free and because it is third party it does not work in some games (i’ve tested the trial)
    Second, you can wait for eternity for developers to start implementing you hardware. Each harware dev thinks he is special and game devs with rush into cooperation. No. End of story. This battle goes on for decade already.
    Even TrackIR is broken right now in Star Citizen (yes I know it is alpha).

    And also gaze to mouse. Is it really that hard to put a few lines of code that will make your cursor position itself directly at your gaze point with the same coordinates on screen. I’m not asking about any fancy smoothing or whats so ever algorithm.
    Just plain and simple Gaze X,Y = Cursor X,Y.

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