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    I do not know what to think about Tobii anymore, its very vaguely to me. It has been for almost a year that i used the EyeX. The reason was that i felt “cheated” by Tobii. Please read next articles:
    And also look at:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kmil1Z84vnI (timeline 04.30)

    Why is eyetracking and direct action (with one key- or mouse-click) in this game possible and does Tobii not make it not working in Windows or other OS?

    Tobii says that moving the mousepointer (on screen) is not possible without moving the mouse. Its a shortcoming in the option-menu? But when i used Tobii’s eyetracking and move my mouse a little, my mousepointer seems to moves to the point where i look.
    So now i use a mouse with macro-functions. One mouse-button has now a “moveup, movedown and leftmouse-klick macro-function”.
    And look, i have made it working. With one click, i activated the invissible mousepointer. I made it happen. And damt, i felt stupid.

    Please tell me (us) why you can not make this happen the easy way without thirdparty-hardware and (external) macro’s? Have you contracts with other companies who prohibit that piece of software? Or is there someone who has patent on this and Tobii doesn’t? Or are you afraid that MicroSoft can spy on us by using your build-in camera?

    Please tell us the truth. I’m sorry to say, but Tobii does not give me a good feeling anymore. And i really hoped by buying the EyeX i did support a fair company with people who know what they where doing.

    So please make my mouse work without using third-party hardware/software to activate my left-mouse buton on that specific place of my screen where i look at.

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @guus,

    Sorry to hear about experiences, but please bear in mind that the EyeX is NOT intended as a mouse replacement.

    Tobii Dynavox can provide such hardware and software.

    For the time being, any software that allows the EyeX to be used as a mouse replacement will necessarily be 3rd party.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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