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    Mauricio Korbman

    We are trying to build an android app that will receive data from a Tobii Pro running Windows. We basically need the message that is typed via the eye tracker on Tobii to be sent to an Android device (via bluetooth, wifi?). Any ideas?


    Madhu Reddy

    Hi, Tobii Android RT libraies presented. We need to install the RT app, which starts a service and helps in getting the GAZE and other information to JAVA layer.

    Tracker can be connected to Android Device USB port in OTG mode.

    Check for License fee, it easies your implementation.


    Jonas Högström

    The Tobii Pro SDK and the eye tracker runtimes for Tobii Pro models has no support for android. You will have to build a bridge yourself using the Tobii Pro SDK on the windows machine, and then sending the eye tracker data over a protocol of your choice to the android device.

    I’m not sure however what you mean with “the message that is typed via the eye tracker on Tobii”. Using the Tobii Pro SDK, what you get are gaze samples (with timestaps, and gaze and eyeposition coordinates), but they are not “typed”.

    Can you explain in some more details what you are trying to achieve?


    nice explanation.

    Mauricio Korbman

    We are involved with ALS patients that use Tobii to communicate (type messages) on the screen. We would like those messages (text) to be sent to our Android application so the app can then take some actions based on the messages. The android device is physically NOT connected to the Windows device and cannot be connected with any cables.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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