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    Hi there,

    I hope you are doing well! I am currently struggling with coordinates systems of tobii pro sdk.
    I understood that there are 2D and 3D coordinate systems: UCS, ADCS and trackbox coordinate system (which is normalized from 0 to 1). When I read the API of Python v1.1, there was such method to return user position guide. The functions returns dictionary of left_user_position: (x, y, z) and right_user_position respectively with own values. For more details: https://developer.tobiipro.com/tobii.research/python/reference/

    – I am wondering what is usage of user position guide.
    – How to transfer trackbox coordinate system to UCS?

    Looking forward to hearing from you!



    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi and thanks for your query. The Tobii Pro SDK is part of the Tobii Pro business department.

    This forum is intended for support with the Tobii Tech Consumer level eye trackers (ET5, 4C, etc) and their associated SDK’s.

    Please get in touch with Tobii Pro Support team directly @ https://connect.tobii.com/ for an
    answer to your query.

    Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for your understanding. Best Wishes.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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