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    I just upgraded to the latest software.

    That gaze trace feature is great.

    I observe my focus is not in the center of the bubble. In fact it’s somewhere around the perimeter at 120° N.

    So I need to perform calibration again.

    But where???

    Going through the menus, it just isn’t there! It should be in either settings or display info.

    I found it eventually going to my profile -> test calibration, but the first time I looked I couldn’t find it, I ended up creating another profile.

    The thing is logically it doesn’t belong there. Because ‘test calibration’ isn’t the same as ‘calibrate’.

    I think for a good UX you need an additional ‘calibrate’ button at the root menu level (I need to calibrate frequently, I don’t know if this is typical — I swivel my monitor between 2 positions), or at least in settings.


    Jenny [Tobii]

    @p-i: I also had problems finding the calibration menus when I updated to the new software. I have already given some feedback about this to the responsible team, but I will forward your user feedback as well.

    Regarding having to re-calibrate frequently, under normal circumstances you are not supposed to have to do that. What do you mean when you say you swivel your monitor between two positions? So that light settings are different? Could a solution be to create two different user calibration profiles and just switch between them for the two different monitor “modes”?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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