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    Gazespeaker is designed to help people with disabilities to communicate and interact with their environment and the web uniquely with their eyes.

    Gazespeaker is free and developed by a nonprofit online community.

    Watch the presentation on Youtube: http://youtu.be/03w7eIu6rY8

    – display communication grids (for people who cannot speak)
    – speak by activating a cell with eye tracking
    – visual grid editor
    – auto-adaptative predictive keyboard
    – read and write emails
    – read web pages on the internet, and scroll pages with the eyes
    – view picture albums
    – read ebooks (in html format), and scroll with the eyes
    – listen to the music (mp3)
    – view videos
    – play music with a piano keyboard
    – multi languages (currently english + french)
    …new features are added on a continous basis

    free download at: http://www.gazespeaker.org/download

    Installation with Tobii EyeX:http://youtu.be/_ZU6mUIumCk


    Google Maps is now available in Gazespeaker with the new version 0.9.3.

    Visit famous places, Manhattan or the Pyramids in Egypt, Versailles and the Eiffel Tower.

    Navigate with your eyes: the map automatically adjust the center of the map according to where you look.

    You can also zoom, modify the type of map between the 4 different representations available within Google Maps: Map, Map with terrain, Satellite, Hybrid (satellite view with city names and roads).

    Gazespeaker is free. Download at http://www.gazespeaker.org

    Watch the video on Youtube:

    Tadashi Miyauchi

    I couldn’t download completely.
    I am using windows8.1.
    Anyone could download?

    Robert [Tobii]

    I was able to download it, but I got a security warning from Chrome. If I chose “Keep” instead of “Discard” I could get the file. However, I got a crash when trying to run it. I suspect that Gazespeaker needs to be updated for EyeX Engine 0.10, since there are a number of API changes.


    We have updated our program for EyeX Engine 0.10 and it is now available for download (http:www.gazespeaker.org).

    We have also added many improvements and new features during the summer for this new version: support of 28 languages, 16 Microsoft Speech voices + support of SAPI 5 voices, 5 visual themes, multi-user, advanced customization capabilities (> 40 general and user settings), code signing (avoid security warnings), automatic updates, increased performances and robustness, …

    Downloads have been improved (files are hosted on Amazon S3 + cloudfront).


    Hi Gazespeaker,

    My father suffers from Parkinson and lately have difficulties using the mouse due to trembling.
    Is Gazespeaker together with EyeX can help? Any other suggestions to releive the discomfort of uing the computer?



    Is Tobii 4c supported? How do i have to set ip up?

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @jrocag, a cursory glance at the project website doesn’t mention any support for the 4C eye tracker.

    Perhaps @gazespeaker can offer some confirmation please?


    I Saw gazespeaker add a information here, I want yo know if the New versión 4c from tobii Will be compatible with your software. Please i required urgent answer


    @gazespeaker please reply this

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @chrismvm, Looking over the GazeSpeakers’ own website (http://www.gazespeaker.org/) it appears the most recent update was in 2016 so accordingly 4C support has not unfortunately been added.

    However, I would recommend that you reach out to the developer directly if possible to see if perhaps they are amenable to release another update that supports our latest hardware. Best of luck.

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