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    Max Rädler

    Good day,

    My colleague and I want to develop a Unity game for a university project. One part of it would be the control of objects via gaze.

    We would get the following eye trackers on loan … but I could find out which of them are compatible with the Unity SDK

    List of eye trackers:

    – Tobii Eye Tracker 4C
    – Tobii REX for Developers
    – Tobii EyeX Controller

    Would be really great if someone could answer briefly which of them are compatible.

    Thanks a lot, Max

    Supriya Raul

    Hello Max,
    I have used Tobii Eye Tracker 4C with Unity, its associated SDK for Unity is quite easy to use. It works nicely. I would highly recommend it. Hope this helps.

    Max Rädler

    Hello Supriya,

    Yes that helps a lot thank you.

    Greetings Max

    Alex [Tobii]

    Hi @mindmax
    Tobii Eye Tracker 4C and Tobii Eye Tracker 5 are the currently supported ones.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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