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    Arne Wessels

    I see in the requirements that the X2 should work with EyeX.
    However, I can’t get it to work.
    If I connect via the TCPIP (UTB-cable) I can work with tobii studio.
    But EyeX does not recognise an EyeTracker (No EyeTracker connected)
    When I connect the X2-60 Directly via USB to my laptop (any port) I see the message “Eye tracker Connected” as a balloon tooltip. But in the Eyex-settings it keeps “initialising”, also after several restarts, and other USB ports.

    SO: is is possible in the first place to use the X2-60 and if yes, how should I install it? Thanks.


    Hi Arne,
    EyeX works with X2-30 but not with the X2-60. I’m sorry if there is an error somewhere in the specs, and I’d be grateful if you could point it out so I can get it corrected.

    Alexander Sänn

    Hi Anders, was this further developed by now? Best

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @alexs,

    Sorry to say but there was never any development of the EyeX Software to support Tobii Pro range of eye trackers.. and quite intentionally.

    The official policy is that Tobii EyeX Software should only be ran with the EyeX or Steelseries Eye Trackers.

    That being said, it might be worth your while to upgrade the firmware on the x2-60 tracker and see if that might
    resolve the issue.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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