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    The dev-team is aware of the problem with Arma 3 and are working hard to get it fixed. In the meantime, just to be clarify for you that have enabled Freetrack by setting it to “1” in the config file. Please make sure that you are editing the config for the correct profile. Usually it is located under “Documents/Arma 3” however if you have created several profiles there is a folder called “Arma 3 – Other Profiles” in your documents folder, the value needs to be changed for the profile you are playing with.

    Also some users seem to experience problems with the FreeTrack protocol itself(which Infinite Screen Extension uses for some games) and Arma-engine based games.

    We’ve seen that this issue might be resolved by replacing the “FreeTrackClient.dll” (most likely located under “C:\Program Files (x86)\Tobii\Tobii InfiniteScreen”) with:

    Step by step instructions:
    1. Exit “Infinite Screen Extension” (right click on the systray icon and select “Quit”).
    1. Open windows explorer (Win+E).
    2. Navigate to the Tobii Infinite Screen installation folder (e.g. “C:\Program Files (x86)\Tobii\Tobii InfiniteScreen”).
    3. Rename the FreeTrackClient.dll (e.g. to FreeTrackClient.dll.org).
    4. Download the new dll from http://files.update.tech.tobii.com/InfiniteScreen/freetrackclient.dll.
    5. Move the downloaded file to the Tobii Infinite Screen installation folder (e.g. “C:\Program Files (x86)\Tobii\Tobii InfiniteScreen”).
    6. Start “Infinite Screen Extension”.
    7. Run game.

    NOTE: Please make sure that you do not have any other FreeTrack-applications (such as FaceTrackNoIR, OpenTrack etc) running at the same time.

    Tobii Gaming Team


    I hope this works cause i tried but it didnt work…
    I hope they come up with something soon

    peter pankras

    I can confirm that replacing the freetrack dll worked for me!

    Both ArmA3 and DayZ work now.

    I will wait for better supprt for elite as I cannot get it to respond properly.

    ArmA3 with eyeX is amazing! So much better then track-ir. Feels more natural somehow.
    I have an OP tonight in ArmA3 so can see how it performs in action 🙂



    cody hendrick

    Replacing the Freetrackclient.dll did not work for me sadly, hoping a fix can come soon :/. still receiving “you need to launch and exit the game at least once before you start using infinite screen” thanks for keeping us updated though.


    I’m experiencing a crashing problem with IL2 integration, now i’ve figured out for me, IL2 crashes everytime i start it initially with infinite screen (first time after boot), yet after i force exit the game through task manager (not responding), the game will launch again and load with no crashing yet my device will not have registered even though i have the infinite screen app on the IL2 tab and key assigned.

    Now when i restart my laptop, load inifinite screen, set Il2 tab, select Il2 through steam and load the game will crash on loading, as stated above i’m forced to force quit IL2, and upon restarting the game i load no problem but the Eye track will not function even with the key assigned and pressed(toggle).

    Arma 3 works lovely no problems.


    Bump!!!Did not work for me also.


    my Euro turck simulator 2 is working ,but Arma 3 still not working.

    cody hendrick

    bump for the new week more hope dream. i really dont want to send this back…. i really really dont want to.


    Hi, my first post here to bump this too.

    I installed it, fighting a lot with USB3.0 drivers vs device. After that I could try it with DayZ and Elite Dangerous. Worked very good. But it was never recognised by Arma3. In Arma3 config it appears the freetrack as a device ready to work but it doesn’t.

    In Infinite Screen, it continues saying that “run fist time to be ready” but nothing happens.
    I changed the 0 to 1 in every profile, replaced freetrack dll, tried to run arma3 from Steam or directly, even trying to deactivate and activate again freetrack from arma config. I even compared Infinite Screen config file for DayZ and Arma3 but without conclusion. Nothing worked 🙁

    I also think about that TrackIr way to be recognized in some games. I’d say to create a default head-tracker-like profile or a custom one for each game. This way it can be used in a lot of games/simulators (I’d love to have it in Falcon BMS) and also be specifically developed for others.

    Cheers and waiting for a solution



    We’re currently working on fixing the issues you’ve reported through the various channels and we hope to have an update for you shortly. Until then I might have another work around you. Please note that this work around ONLY applies to the “You need to launch and exit the game at least once before you start using Infinite Screen”-problem for Arma3.

    Open the directory “%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Arma 3” and check if you have a file called “<windowsusername>.Arma3Profile”. If the file is not present then the problem can be resolved by simply creating a text file and renaming it to “<windowsusername>.Arma3Profile”. You can either do it by yourself or let Arma3 do it for you.

    “Do it yourself”-method:
    1. Navigate to “%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Arma 3”.
    2. Right click inside the folder and select “New > Text Document”.
    3. Rename the newly created file to <windowsusername>.Arma3Profile (make sure to remove the .txt file extension!)
    4. Open “Infinite Screen Extension” and click on a game-tab other than Arma3 and then click the Arma3-tab again. The “You need to launch and exit the game…”-message should not appear.
    5. Run Arma3.

    Start Arma3, switch to the default profile and exit the game. This should also create the required file.
    1. Open Arma3.
    2. Click on Configure > Profile (make note of which profile you’re currently using) and select the topmost profile (it should have the same name as your Windows user name).
    3. Exit Arma3.
    4. Open “Infinite Screen Extension” and click on a game-tab other than Arma3 and then click the Arma3-tab again. The “You need to launch and exit the game…”-message should not appear.
    5. Run Arma3.
    6. Click on Configure > Profile and select your normal profile.

    Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the Infinite Screen Extension update notification!


    Bump – the second lot of steps WORKED! I have now got Arma 3 working with eyex
    Im hoping this fixes everyone elses issue aswell.


    been trying for 3 days to get this to work but nothing…. starting to think going back to my trackir is the best bet.

    Edit – Reinstalled everything and it works after above solutions


    I reinstalled all the drivers and software this morning Jan 19th, and now Arma 3 is working with no problems. Might need some tweeking but no issues and very smooth motion of the camera. Thanks. I did NOT have to manually change any settings in the config nor did I replace the opentrack.dll (I am not sure if the current install is corrected).

    I installed the drivers, got a message there was an update, installed that, and then Infinite screen.

    I have not tested IL2 BOS yet.


    Thank you Henrik,
    that method worked for me, even without choosing another profile. Arma3 started in my old one but EyeX was working perfectly.
    I´m glad was just a misspath searching for profiles.
    Actually all my profiles are in “Docs>Arma3 – Other profiles” and none was in “Docs>Arma3”.
    Cheers and keep improving this is a game changer!


    wow the second one works..Thank you great job…

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