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Quality Control Training: Monitor Scanning

The Quality Control prototype demonstrates how eye tracking can improve training and quality control scenarios by utilizing scan path understanding.

In the demo, you move monitors from the assembly line and inspect them for dead pixels. We track your gaze, tell you how you performed, and have suggestions for improvements.

Controller Input: Right Hand Trigger Button

Device Version Download
Pico Neo 2 Eye v0.1.0
HTC VIVE Pro Eye v0.1.0


Move the monitor from the conveyer to your ‘inspection stand’. Scan all the areas of the screen for dead pixels, then use the buttons to input the amount of dead pixels you’ve discovered. Review the summary board to see how you performed and receive some guidance on improvement. When you’re ready to test yourself, ‘Toggle Visual Aid’ and try to recreate your learned scan paths without the visual boxes.

Design thoughts

Like most of our work, this prototype uses Tobii G2OM to have more accurate object selection. We put G2OM on boxes on areas of the screen the user has yet to scan (the green boxes). We reached some rough compromise on box size by thinking about our visual output – we didn’t want too much information to overwhelm the user at the end since we were just showing this as a proof of concept. If productized, G2OM could handle much smaller objects and allow for much more informational feedback. Other approaches to this solution could also implement heatmapping or saccade/dwell detection to increase observational understanding.