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This section explains how foveation technology works, a series of techniques to save processing on pixels that are outside the user’s foveal region.


The eye’s foveal region is the center of high visual acuity and color vision, and this region can utilized for technical optimizations.

Principles of Foveation

Learn about the basic principles and consideration when working with foveation.

Foveated Rendering

Dynamic foveated rendering, or “foveated rendering” for short, is an eye-tracking based technology that can improve both performance and image quality.

Essential Concepts

Get an understanding of terms necessary for understanding the concepts of foveated rendering.

Benefits and Costs

Get an overview of what is achievable with foveated rendering, and how difficult it is to achieve.

Foveation in Game Engines

Outlines some general considerations for adding foveation to game engines.

For Engine Developers

Read more about how to add support for foveated rendering in your game engine.

Artifacts and Mitigation

Talks about some common artifacts that can occur as well as appropriate mitigation techniques.