Tobii Ocumen

Here you can find more information about developing with Tobii Ocumen.

For a general overview of Tobii Ocumen, please read our Tobii Ocumen solution page.

Getting Started


How to install Tobii Ocumen.


Changelog for the latest version of Tobii Ocumen.


Frequently asked questions about Tobii Ocumen.

Advanced Signals

Getting Started

Get started with the Advanced API.

API Documentation

Documentation for the Advanced API.

Ocumen Filters

Filter Pipelines

Get started with the Filter Pipelines.

Filter Documentation

Documentation for the Filter Pipelines.

Tobii Ocumen I/O

Ocumen I/O for Unity

Create recordings for Tobii Ocumen Studio using Unity.

Ocumen I/O for Python

Create recordings for Tobii Ocumen Studio using Python.

Ocumen I/O for Python API

API Reference for the Ocumen I/O for Python.

Ocumen I/O Quick Start

A full Unity project with everything set up for using Ocumen I/O.



Configure eye tracking.

Calibration Quality

Measure the quality of a calibration.

Signals and Filters

Read more about the Signals sample.


See how Ocumen I/O can be used from Unity.