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Here, you can find licenses which are applicable for developers or users of Tobii Eye Tracking in XR.

Software Development License Agreements

In order to make eye tracking SDKs as easy to access as possible, Tobii has set up tiered software development license agreements. Here is the condensed version of the different license agreements and some of the rights they provide you as a developer:

  • Getting Started Software Development License Agreement

    By default, when you download developer tools from Tobii, you do so under the Getting Started Software Development License Agreement. This license is free of charge and the purpose of it is for developers to quickly get started with exploring the full capabilities of the SDK and developer tools in order to verify the technical fit with their own product. Find all our SDKs and developer tools here.

    This license specifically does not give you rights to commercialize or to save/transfer data (so called analytical use) if you need to do that you need to acquire a Commercial Development License which is described further down.

    ↗ Read the full Getting Started Software Development License Agreement.

  • Commercial Development License

    This license provides commercialization rights, as well as development rights to the SDKs and developer tools you find on this site. If you plan to commercialize your eye tracking solution, distribute it or offer it to the market, we look forward to helping you get this license.

    Under this license we also offer the right to store or transfer eye tracking data, provided that you comply with the Eye Tracking Data Transparency Policy, see below.

    Contact us for a Commercial Development License, which offers additional components, professional services, support & maintenance and more.

  • Academic License

    Academic researchers, who are not intending to commercialize the results of their work, may qualify for an academic license. This license gives the right to license software from Tobii for internal, non-commercial use and includes the right to store or transfer eye tracking data, provided that you comply with the Eye Tracking Data Transparency Policy, see below.

    Contact us for more information on an Academic License.

End User License Agreement

All ready made applications available on this site is licensed under the end user license agreement and is available for your own use or the use of your organization only. If you are looking to distribute any of the applications, or include them in any of your own products, please contact us via our contact form.

↗ Read the full End User License Agreement.

Eye Tracking Data Transparency Policy

Eye tracking holds the promise of unique insights into user behavior for solution providers and end users, but also opens a very clear window into user privacy.

Tobii aspires to protect the data integrity and data privacy of every person who interacts with eye tracking which is why we have implemented policies in our software developer license agreements to ensure this, along with guidelines solution providers on how to implement those requirements.

↗ Read the full Eye Tracking Data Transparency Policy.

↗ In addition, see how you can comply with the policy in code.