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Tobii Ocumen Studio

Tobii Ocumen Studio is a stand-alone application to replay and study XR interactions. Open any recording you made with Tobii Ocumen, watch events in slow motion, and share recordings with colleagues. Tobii Ocumen Studio is free to download.



Observe Everything

Tobii Ocumen Studio is built on top of Ocumen I/O, and reads recordings made with Ocumen I/O for Unity. It can replay recordings with data including but not limited to:

  • Gaze
  • Scene Objects
  • Controllers
  • Rendered Video

Live or Offline

Not only is getting started with recording for Tobii Ocumen Studio really easy, but so is iterating your experimental design:

  • You can live connect to experiments running on a head set and watch in real time how subject behave. During the planning and pilot phase of your study this allows you to save precious iteration time.

  • Once confident your experiment will work, just start writing recordings to disk, collect them and do science!


Python Integration

We are confident you will appreciate Tobii Ocumen Studio for qualitative research. Even better, any data you see in Tobii Ocumen Studio you can access with Ocumen I/O for Python, allowing you to

  • Export data in Ocumen recordings, e.g., to CSVs.
  • Import existing data for visualization with Tobii Ocumen Studio.
  • Query what objects have been looked at.

To see what’s available also have a look at our Python API Reference.


High Quality Data Your Entire Process

Tobii Ocumen Studio goes beyond scientific viewing. Integrate Ocumen I/O and have confidence in your data along the entire lifecycle of your product:

  • In pre-production conduct gaze-, perception- and interaction- research and make sure you are building the right model.

  • During development debug data flow issues and make sure the numbers your application reports actually make sense.

  • In the field, inspect gaze- and custom data, in context, to easily interpret what the user was doing, and what went wrong.


Build Better Solutions, Faster

Ocumen I/O components are high-performance, battle-tested libraries used in our own products.

Integrating them into your project is straightforward, and allows you to design with gaze, visual stimuli or interaction events, while getting blazing fast serialization, efficient storage and transports, easy debugging, high level API access and powerful visualization for free.


Design Insights & Telemetry

Even if your final product does not contain eye tracking, using Tobii Ocumen Studio in your design process will give you unique user insights leading to better products. Did your users see that button? Was something distracting? And what was their perceptual journey?

Even better, if your final product does contain eye tracking, Tobii Ocumen Studio can give you unparalleled field reports “through your users’ eyes” that will enable you to take data-driven decisions based on what really happened.

Supported Elements

Tobii Ocumen Studio and Ocumen I/O support the following elements:

Head Pose





Rendered Video

Get Started!

Tobii Ocumen Studio can be downloaded freely from our Downloads section.