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Learn more about eye tracking analytics in different use cases and settings.


We’ve gathered some background knowledge that should save you time and effort in getting your analytics solution up and running.


Read about eye tracking benefits and differences between platforms.


How design and other factors can affect metrics and results when conducting eye tracking analytics.


Some common, high-value metrics you should be considering in your data collection efforts.


Ways of visualizing eye tracking data for analytical purposes.

Analysis and Interpretation

How to get the most meaning out of your data.

Fields of Use

Here are a few use case areas where we have seen promising benefits of using eye tracking analytics.

Training and Simulation

Providing a safer, more efficient means of improving workflows and settings.

Academic Research

Offering raw insights into human cognitive functions.

Assessment and Diagnosis

Understanding common eye patterns and leveraging those for meaningful human understandings.

Consumer Research

Improving how people interact with every part of your business.

Game Analytics

Understanding the target audience to improve game interactions.