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On this page you can access our SDK components and tools.



Download Description
Tobii XR SDK for Unity v3.0.1 Recommended Unity Version - 2019.4.5f1 (Supports Unity 2019.4 LTS+). Includes Tobii G2OM, Unity Samples and Tobii Dev Tools. See the Unity section for more information.


Tools Description
Tobii Ocumen Studio - 2023.1.0 Viewer for .ocumen files version 5.0.0 and streams. Contains a sample recording.

Ocumen Samples

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Calibration Quality Test the quality of the eye tracker calibration.
Signals and Filters Sample showing Ocumen’s advanced signals and filters.
Configuration Configure your eye tracker.
Recording Use Ocumen I/O from Unity.


Demos and prototypes can be downloaded directly from our Explore page.

Legacy Versions

Downloads Description
Tobii Ocumen Studio - 2021-12-08 Alpha Viewer for .ocumen files version 4.0.0 and streams.
Tobii Ocumen Studio - 2021-10-04 Alpha Viewer for .ocumen files version 2.0.0 and streams.
Tobii XR SDK for Unity v2.1.1 Supports legacy Unity VR development (removed in Unity 2020)
Tobii Eye Tracking Core Software v2.13.3 This software is required to be able to use eye tracking on the Tobii HTC VIVE Development Kit.