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Getting Started

The Getting Started example contains a basic scene allowing you to highlight cubes by looking at them.


This particular Unity Sample is compatible with the following headsets:

HMD Compatible Notes
HP Reverb G2 Omnicept Yes Getting Started
Pico Neo 3 Pro Eye Yes Getting Started (Make sure Step 6 has been addressed in the sample scene)
Pico Neo 2 Eye Yes Getting Started (Make sure Step 6 has been addressed in the sample scene)
HTC VIVE Pro Eye Yes Getting Started
Tobii HTC VIVE Devkit Yes Getting Started

Table of Contents

Running the Sample

Run the Example_GettingStarted scene found under the Samples folder after importing the sample using the Package Manager.

If you are using Universal RP, you need to upgrade the shaders in the scene.


The Getting Started sample scene consists of the TobiiXR Initializer prefab, an XR Rig, a Directional Light, a Plane as the floor and 3 Gaze Focusable Objects.

TobiiXR Initializer

The TobiiXR Initializer is a prefab that initializes eye tracking with the appropriate settings.

You can read more about the TobiiXR Initializer and its settings here.

Gaze Focusable Object

The Gaze Focusable Objects are cubes with box colliders using the HighlightAtGaze script. All logic for the highlighting can be found in this script.

The HighlightAtGaze script implements the IGazeFocusable interface and receives Tobii G2OM events to know when the object receives and loses focus.