Tobii Ocumen

Tobii Ocumen is a premium eye tracking solution for efficient development of analytical applications in VR. For a technical deep dive, go directly to our Tobii Ocumen Developer page.



Unfiltered Science

Ocumen gives you access to raw signals straight from the eye tracker at the lowest possible latency. Available data include:

  • Binocular gaze
  • Pupil size
  • Blink status

By using unfiltered data you can measure what really happened. Read more about Advanced APIs.


One-Click Recorders

Ocumen comes with Ocumen I/O for Unity, ready-made components you just drop in your scene to record, amongst others:

  • Gaze data
  • Head movement
  • Scene objects
  • Rendered video

No need to write plumbing code. Instead spend your time doing qualitative analysis in Ocumen Studio, or writing quantitative scripts with Ocumen I/O for Python.


Batteries Included

Ocumen comes with a Unity Quick Start Project that has everything set up to run successful experiments with almost no setup.

Ocumen also includes samples for many tasks including:


Advanced Use Cases

With Ocumen you can create unique eye tracking applications and address specialty markets, handling amongst others:

Thanks to our advanced data streams, components for configuration, calibration, and APIs for time sync and signal fusion you can implement applications tailored to your specific needs.


One API, Many Devices

Pico Neo 3 Pro Eye

HP Reverb G2 Omnicept Edition

Pico Neo 2 Eye

What’s Included

Tobii Ocumen provides you with the following collection of developer tools.

Tobii Ocumen Filters has been removed in the 2021-12-08 release with the intention of replacing it with an improved system in a future release.

For more information about component readiness, see our FAQ.

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